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iOS Apps


MyTeeth based on the illustrations of Christian Heuser, is helping kids around the world to brush their teeth well and turning the evening struggle into a toothbrushing party. Already over 91.000 families are using MyTeeth.

WIT • What is this?

Innovative, new puzzler for thinkers. Wit is an insanely simple iMessage app to surprise your friends. Pick your favorite photo slice it, shuffle it, share it. Your friends will discover your photo's secret piece by piece!

You Are It

How do you pick someone? Flip a coin? A counting rhyme? Nah!
With "You are It", choose anyone for anything

GoodTimes Stickers

A collection of Stickers from our amazing GoodTimes collages app. So far you decorated your collages with them, now you can decorate your messages directly in iMessage.

Mac Apps


Create Booklet is the standard solution for creating booklets since 2005, with over 100.000 users. Now it has become even easier and yet more powerful.

Subtitle Studio

Subtitle Studio takes the whole subtitle approach to a new level by integrating the full workflow in one super powerful yet easy to use app. Within less than a minute you can have a perfect subtitle for your movie. It's the first tool that is addictive fun.


GoodTimes innovated the approach of collages, by embedding photos in an emotional environment, with high quality objects and backgrounds by photographer Édouard Puginier and an effects engine PhotoShop wishes it had.


PhotoDazzle is a new approach to a non destructive photo beautifying. Remove wrinkles, add shadows or some rouge all fully adjustable until you export the image.


Extend your image artistically to fit on your desktop. Until GoodBackgrounds, you either had to crop your photo to fit your screen or add a plain frame color ... yuck. Now your desktop looks like a piece of art.