GoodTimesYour memories have never been more alive

Place your photos in an emotional setting, to give them the impact they deserve… with style!

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Requierements: any Mac running Mac OS X 10.7 and above - Internet connection to buy and download


Pick a ThemeScreenshot

GoodTimes comes with many templates that cover the most common topics like family, love, parties, vacation and more.

Fill Your Photos InScreenshot

Each template comes with predesigned placeholders, each with a description what kind of photo we recommend for it.
So all you need to do is choose your photos.

Export and You're DoneScreenshot

Share your last good time with friends on Facebook*, Twitter*, Flickr*, etc., via mail, or simply enjoy it as desktop, iPhone or iPad background.
Your memories have never been more alive.*Mountain Lion is needed for some sharing options.

Use your creations as screensaver image, wallpapers, on any device or even printed out on a frame!
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Themed templates … with style

Our themes cover the most common topics like family, love, vacations and more. Just fill them with your photos and you are ready to share. Of course you are always free to build your own.

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Over 130 High-Resolution Object: outlined and with transparency

Objects are one of the central parts to create associations to give your photos a settings. We took extra good care to deliver high quality that allows even large prints. Perfect lighted, fuzzy cloth, transparent glass every detail is up to perfection, to let your photos shine. If an object you need is missing please feel free to let us know below.

Suggest an Object

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Over 30 High Resolution Backgrounds!

Backgrounds are the basis for all themes, they let the spectator know where it all took place or give the general setting. #Tip 1: You can adjust any background to your colors needs by using the replace-color or rotate color effect. #Tip 2: If all your photos take place on a similar surface, take your own photo of that surface to use as background. Make sure the photo is perfectly straight down, there is good light and no shadows on it.

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Advanced Editing

Precision Editing, many frames and effects!

Advanced editing is where GoodTimes becomes a power horse, you will not believe the things you can do with GoodTimes … and you thought it was “just” a collage application.

Over 25 metal, wood, leather high quality frames

  • Re-order placeholder (like layers: foreward, backward, etc.)
  • Precise adjust position, size (and ratio), rotation, even in 3D
  • Add effects: Adjust Color — Adjust Exposure — Blur — Frame — Keep One Color — Make Monochrome — Mask with Shape — Reflexion — Replace Colors — Shadow — Shaped Border — Sharpen — Special Frame — Texturize
  • Add as many times you need the same effect to achieve amazing creation (i.e: stakcing multiple frames or shadows)
  • Re-order applyed effects (like layers)
  • Copy all effects from a placholder to apply them to another one in a single click
  • Copy an effect setting
  • Mark placeholders as template default. This way, any new created placeholder will be instantly set with the look you want
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The Power Within

One Step Workflow

Just by dropping photo in a placeholder. All effects are automatically applied & the photo rotated and adjusted as needed

It's Easy

Photo editing do not need to be complex. GoodTimes contains special knowledge so that you do not have to deal with detail and overloading controls.

Easy Controls

Controls that need no description. Simply switching tools.

Guiding Help

You don't need help using GoodTimes, but just in case it's all over the app to guide you through it.


Get a full overview how to get started with our easy introduction tutorial.

Tips & Tricks

Want to be more productive see your tips & tricks

Online Support

Need help? We are there for you.

Real Time Editing

Any change is applied in real time.

Undo Anything

Made an error? Undo and redo as often as you like.

Non Destructive Editing

Every effect is applied on the original image but does not alter it. Remove the effect and the original image is unchanged.

3D Designs

Our App supports 3D placing of your photos.

Gesture Support

Full gesture support, pinch, rotate, drag for both, photo and content editing.

Stack of effects

Any number of effects can be added and removed.

Adjust Effect Intensity

With a single slider you can change the effect intensity at real time.

Color Picker

Some effects can be customized with a single color. The change of color is immediately applied to the effect.

Advanced Editing

Go beyond what you expected and use the same tools, we used to create our themes.

Precise Editing

Usually GoodTimes cares about a number of details. If needed you can precisely edit the effect appearance.


Want to align multiple objects? No worries, they snap to each other and so does rotation.

High Resolution Exports

Our Exports can be up to 8000px wider or high, that is even enough for huge prints.

Multiple Picture Formats

GoodTimes deals with multiple picture formats. There is no need to use a different program for a special file format.

Multi-Document Based

GoodTimes is multi-document based. You can handle several pictures at once.

Lion & Mountain Lion Fullscreen

GoodTimes is ready for Lion and therefore prepared to be a fullscreen application.

Automatic Layer Based

Don't know anything about layer handling for photo editing? GoodTimes takes care about all the details.


GoodTimes uses multicore architectures for its real time editing.

Core Image

GoodTimes uses Core Image to boost the performance.


High Quality rendering of exports using OpenGL

Native 64Bit Application

GoodTimes is a 64bit application.
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