Let your kids brush happily

Let your kids brush happily every evening without hustle. The toothbrushing-friends of MyTeeth are always happy to brush, in the perfect speed and they know all brushing methods. Your kids learn a good timing of 3 minutes, covering all areas of the mouth and everything they need up to the final bass method.
Additionally the app includes current medical knowledge, including a guide for parents.

Funny characters can be chosen to brush with. These real toothbrushing buddies actually brush their teeth perfectly and you kid can join in. After all imitating is the easiest learning method. Take a look into our How & Why section to be guided through the learning path of your kid from their first toothbrush till they can brush well enough themselves.

It will change your kids habits and probably yours, too.

Why MyTeeth

We have to take good care of our teeth and our children's ones. Teeth can only be fixed, not repaired!  Preserving a good oral flora and cleaning our teeth well during the teen years is crucial. Help your kid to get fun brushing their teeth early on.  MyTeeth is full of helpful documentation, for parents and kids. From oral hygiene during the pregnancy over picking the first toothbrush, flossing and all the steps necessary to learn to brush your teeth well.

We make the difference

Fun illustrations by Christian Heuser
Always happy, always ready, always thorough
Your toothbrush buddies: Lenia, Linus, Lisa, Alien, Ben and Fluffy!
A professional step-by-step guide for parents in our How & Why section
4 Brushing techniques: Simple brushing, Circular, Red-To-White, Bass Method

2 Orders: Pedagogical and Classic
Tooth brush buddies can be left or right handed
Optional background music while brushing
iPhone and iPad version for one small price
How & Why Dictionary with

• current medical knowledge
• how to teach your child guide for parents
• description of the brushing methods
• many useful & crucial tips