MyTeeth Privacy Policy

MyTeeth only stores which character, brushing method & order is selected.
No personal information is read, used, transmitted or stored.

Create Booklet Privacy Policy

Create Booklet does not read, transmit or store any personal information.

Subtitle Edit Privacy Policy

Subtitle Edit does not read, transmit or store any personal information.

Wit Privacy Policy

​World of WIT images, Titles and Cut Information are stored on Apple’s iCloud Database. They can ONLY be accessed by their unique long ID (like XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX).
When sending a WIT it can either be played directly in the iOS App or alternatively through the website (owned by Vogelbusch & Co). No Information is stored on this Website! All Informations are gotten in realtime from iCloud and not cached on the Server!
The creator of the puzzle is responsible to comply with copyright law.
The puzzle informations are only for the creator and it’s recipients. They are NOT reused or accessed for any other purpose by Vogelbusch & Co.
If you want an old puzzle of yours permanently deleted, please send the puzzle link (which includes the needed ID) to Support [at] TheKeptPromise [dot] com, the next update will allow the owner to delete his/her newly created puzzles him-/herself.